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Portland Rowing Clubs

Portland has several rowing clubs besides the Portland Boat Club, each adding a distinct flavor to the Portland rowing scene. Check out the RowNW site for information on the entire Northwest’s rowing clubs and events.

  • Station L Rowing Club
      • This is a great club for adults, offers learn-to-row classes, and generally fields several masters eights at regional regattas. Open age rowers are also welcome. Located in the Portland Boathouse by the Hawthorne Bridge, Station L gets crews rowing during clement weather. Website:

  • Oregon Rowing Unlimited
      • ORU caters to juniors and masters and is located in Oaks Park, a working amusement park next to some of the best water in town. Its website:

  • Rose City Rowing
      • Rose City attracts junior rowers from all over the metropolitan area. It is located in the Portland Boathouse. Its website:

  • Willamette Rowing Club
      • This club can boast of some of the best competitive master crews in Portland, and rows out of Oaks Park. Check out

  • Portland Rowing Club
        • This club is situated at the same spot the old Portland Rowing Club (now Portland Boat Club) was located at. It consists of scullers who keep their singles and doubles at the PRC boat house.
  • RiverPlace Rowing Center
      • Located at the RiverPlace marina, this is a teaching organization (focus: sculling) which can also arrange for the use of shells for out of town rowers. Email for information:

Portland Area Rowing Clubs

  • Vancouver Lake Crew
      • Vancouver Lake Crew was created in January, 2002 and is located in Vancouver Washington just north of Portland. Programs include high school and adult rowing. More information can be found at

  • Lake Oswego Community Rowing
      • Just upriver from Portland, Lake Oswego has its own rowing center with a focus on teaching. It has programs for juniors and adults, sculling and sweep — and it has its own website, complete with contact information. Check it out at

  • Salem Rowing Club
      • Quite a ways upriver is the Salem Rowing Club which also focuses on instruction and on recreational sculling. The Salem Rowing Club has a neat fleet of shells, including a quad. The club is quite active in the Salem rowing scene, and works with Willamette University to help put on regattas there.

    Here is the link.

  • Corvallis Rowing Club
      • Even further is Corvallis, Oregon, home of the CRC. This competitive club offers a great set of programs for area residents, including sweep camps, working from Oregon State’s boathouse on the Willamette. Check out their web site,

  • Oregon Association of Rowers
      • OAR was founded in 1986 and is located in Eugene, Oregon, about 100 miles south of Portland. OAR rows on Dexter Lake and offers both recreational and competitive sculling and sweep programs for all ages and abilities. See their web site at .

Vancouver Lake

Vancouver Lake is located just north of Portland. During the rowing season there is a fully buoyed 2000 meter race course on Vancouver Lake. Vancouver Lake Park provides ample parking and area for shell storage. This course is used annually for NW Junior Regional Championship Regatta in May and is often the site for NW Masters Regional Championship Regatta in June as well as other area regattas. Vancouver Lake was also the site for the 1993 Masters Nationals Championship Regatta and the 1998 Nike World Masters Regatta.