HotDOG 2011 update.

Hello all,

The 2011 Head of the Dog has come and gone, leaving in its wake destroyed dreams, sparkling victories and a whole lot of amazing costumes! Click here to download a results spreadsheet.

While you all were sweating your spandex off, PBC member Anna M. Campbell was hard at work documenting the event… the gallery below is just a preview of the images she took at the race. To see a complete gallery and to buy prints, go to Anna’s website. Password: hotdog.

Good job, all. The 2011 HotDog was a wonderful regatta.

Cheers to a short winter,



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Photos from July work party.

Courtesy of our photographing friend Anna M. Campbell, here are some dirty, sweaty photos from our July work party. Enjoy, and thanks to Anna for sending these lovely images on!

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New Look to Boathouse Doors

Or would that be new, add-oarable look to boathouse d’oars? In any case and hoar-ible puns apart, Maryann McCormick painted the PBC oar pattern on the big boathouse doors. David Kuch demonstrates the oar-to-door relationship.

Add Oaring the Doors

Add Oaring the Doors

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PBC Work Party, 7/9/11 9:30a.

The club is having a work party on Saturday, July 9. Start time 9:30 a.m. Tasks include general cleaning, dock clean-up, dock board replacement, and assessment of gutter and downspout situations. Hans will organize us.

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HotDOG! 2011

Get out your grills, summer is finally heating up and the HotDOG is on its way!

Head of the Dog Regatta
Saturday, October 1, 2011.
Register online at RegattaCentral.
Costumes optional.

Head of the Dog: the shiny, glorious medal.

I leave you with a classic tune by Wanda Jackson that is quite apropos.

Happy fourth of July!

Regards from your webmistress,

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Howdy, Internet.

Winter’s here (or rapidly approaching) and we’re working on setting up this site! We still need to test links and add some more features. We hope you like how it looks so far, and if you have feedback, please drop us a line.


The Webmistresses of PBC

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