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2014 Racing Season

Junior Regionals are May 16th, 17th & 18th.  PBC gets paid for our volunteer hours.  They still need people for Sunday slots. Sign up here:
Current registration openings:
  The 60+ women’s 8+ is setting their sites on the Head of the Charles 2014 despite their second place finish in the San Diego Classic last month.  They lost by just 3 seconds to San Diego for the first time in many years.



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New Look to Boathouse Doors

Or would that be new, add-oarable look to boathouse d’oars? In any case and hoar-ible puns apart, Maryann McCormick painted the PBC oar pattern on the big boathouse doors. David Kuch demonstrates the oar-to-door relationship.

Add Oaring the Doors

Add Oaring the Doors

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