IMPORTANT: COVID-19 Changes at PBC (updated 5/26/20)

As we continue to move forward into the future living with Covid 19 our guidelines for staying safe and continuing to use the boathouse have been updated. Please familiarize and adhere to these most current guidelines when at PBC.

  • Due to adherence to guidelines to date, the number of people at the boathouse at any one time has been increased to six.
  • Wear a face covering (mask) from the parking lot to and in the boathouse until launching and after landing.
  • Adhere to six foot physical (social) distancing at all times even when wearing a face covering.
  • Signing-up for time slots to use PBC facilities  on SignUpGenius is required prior to arriving.
  • Rowing is limited to singles unless all members of a crew are living together in the same household.
  • Use sanitizing product(s) when available (product is available where members used to log out/in, in the big boathouse and upstairs in the big boathouse near the ergs) to wipe down any club equipment after use.
  • The limit is one person in the bathroom/changing area at a time.
  • To avoid touching surfaces do not log out and leave boathouse bay doors open while you are out. Note that SignUpGenius is essentially the new logbook.
  • Make sure the goose guard is up when leaving if no other members are on the water. Note this is a distinct change from prior guidelines. If there are no shoes on the dock, assume you are the last one and close up.

Use PBC’s Sign-Up Genius to schedule your time slots inclusive of arriving, launching, rowing, cleaning and storing equipment, changing kit and departure. If you have any questions, contact Hans or Maryann

Your cooperation is required for us to keep rowing.

Please be courteous to others and cancel your sign-up if plans change, sign-up for the correct number of rowers, and be in and out of the boathouse on schedule.

Also, the geese have discovered the side dock, so if someone would like to fashion a goose guard for that area, please do so.

Background: Due to Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s March 23, 2020 executive order and public health directives related to COVID-19, until further notice members of the Portland Boat Club must observe social distancing guidelines of 6 feet between individuals when in the Portland Boat Club boathouse, when launching and landing and when maneuvering equipment on the dock. The sign-up process for members ensures there are no more than six members (as of 5/26/20) using the boathouse and docks at any time during daylight (rowing) hours.

How do I schedule my row? Use Sign-Up Genius to reserve consecutive time slots for using PBC facilities and rowing.

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