Head of the Dog 2014 Cancelled but rowers invited to open house

After deliberation with USRowing officials, referees and the greater Portland Rowing community, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the Head of the Dog Regatta and invite rowers to an open house event on the Multnomah channel at the Portland Boat Club on Saturday morning. The State of Oregon Public Health  Division Toxic Blue-Green Algae advisory remains in affect through the weekend and with conditions not expected to improve soon.  Although the risk to referees, volunteers, participants, and organizers may be somewhat debatable it is also not fully understood or even measured with regard to the HOTD course and so we are taking this extra precaution. This is a highly unusual situation; we have never had to cancel the Head of the Dog under such circumstances before.

Please join us for an open house from 8am to noon to enjoy some recreational fun, please bring costumes, and a picnic. We still want to see your costumes, will award the winner as in previous years to keep this tradition going as well as set up the self serve photo booth to share with your friends.

Refunds are available upon request. Details will be posted shortly. T-shirts orders will still be honored.

Thank you for your understanding,

Susan Adams

Dave Myers

Head of the Dog Co-Chairs


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